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     Welcome to the City of Winslow, Arkansas' official site  (winslowar.com). Winslow is a small friendly town with a  population of approximately 400 citizens, lots of critters, and people that wave a lot when we see each other. We are located in the southernmost part of Washington County about half-way between the big cities of Fayetteville and Fort Smith. If you want to go visit Devils Den State Park via Highway 74, start with Winslow and head West. 


    Winslow is pretty old as it was settled in the late nineteenth century when settlers moved into the region.  In 1876 a post office was licensed at a stagecoach stop called Summit Home and Winslow received its original name. It later became Winslow Park (all our lovely trees, don't you know) and finally, in 1881, the name of the town was changed to Winslow in honor of an official from the Frisco Railroad. At one time, Winslow was quite a railroad town.


     Today's community is scattered among rocky tree covered hills (we grow rocks in Arkansas as a past time)

and lush green valleys with numerous fast-moving creeks formed out of the White River. At the southern edge of the Ozark Mountains, Winslow is the highest incorporated city in the state. Winslow boasts an elevation of 1,756 feet, providing a varied and appealing landscape for anyone who enjoys a scenic view and time outdoors.


     There have been two movies that have used the city as a filming location: “Frank and Jesse” made in 1994 about the James Brothers with Rob Lowe and Bill Paxton and “Smoke in the Wind” made in 1974, which was Walter Brennen's final film. Western historical writer Douglas C. Jones was born in Winslow, as well.

   So take a few minutes to look around or better yet come and visit the town we love to call home! Home cookin' at Winslow Community Meals is available for take-out from 11:30 -12:30 M-F for a small donation. On Saturday mornings bright and early we have the Winslow Farmer's Market downtown, sometimes there is some music. Sky-Vue Lodge has cabins if you want to stay the night. Visit Mikey's for a quick burger, chat, and to fill the tank. Winslow is a great place to come and just talk to folks.

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Rock pic

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Rock Building 2

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Winslow 5k run2

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Your Annual Drinking Water Quality Report is available at: 


Printed copies are available at City Hall upon request.  Click below to follow the above link. 


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The groceries provided by the NW Arkansas Foodbank are available for pick-up from:

9:00 - AM


of each MONTH


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To vote on whether on not annual fire dues will be added to property taxes.

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