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No Winslow recycling in May

Winslow recyclers: I heard from Robyn Reed (Dir., Boston Mtn. Solid Waste) that there will be NO RECYCLING in Winslow this Saturday, May 2. _______________________________ 1.  JUNE 6 RECYCLING  is still on, unless otherwise notified. 2.  Here are some options for dropping off your recycling, if you can't wait til June 6th: --The drop off in Prairie Grove is open  --Fayetteville’s drop offs are open. They have even created additional temporary drop off locations since their curbside recycling collection is on hold.  Here’s the link to the locations, in case anyone is interested:  Or call Boston Mtn. Solid Waste at 479-846-3005 for more information about the Fayetteville sites. 3. West Fork recycling drop off is currently closed and Mountainburg is not served by Boston Mtn. Solid Waste. __________________________________ Hope to see you next time (hopefully).  If it happens, it will be the biggest  drop-off EVER.  Stay tuned! Ken Stout

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