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First Annual Pride in Winslow Cleanup

Greetings, all:

The issue of cleaning up junk, trash and other debris within Winslow and the immediately surrounding area has benn raised in previous Alliance for Winslow meetings and was discussed in last year's mayoral election. Now it's time for action.

Alliance members, city government, church representatives, and all other interests parties in the community are invited to a meeting at 7 p.m. on Thursday, March 21, in the old Winslow School (rock) building, the purpose of which is to plan ways to increase the success of the city of Winslow's annual clean up schedules for mid-May. Efforts to expand the cleanup into areas immediately beyond the city limits will also be discussed and planned.

Some of the ideas that have arisen in discussions prior to the meeting have included:

* Having volunteers form non-profits and churches help property owners who WANT help in gettifg discarded material and bulky things like Furniture, etc. to the curb, or, if they prefer, move large items to their back yards ( a front-end loader would be available to help with large items;

* Having an electronics trailer for old tv's, computers, etc.;

* also being considered are ways to collect old tires from folks (4 per individual per month are free at Washington County Recycling south of Fayetteville);

* We are looking into a year long program for folks to be able to get rid of old cars (with titles) to a car-donation service that benefits area non-profits.

Please bring your Winslow Pride and your ideas for cleaning up the Winslow area to the meeting next Thursday evening, March 21st,

The Alliance for Winslow

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