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Saturday, December 15th is a big day in Winslow! Christmas Craft Sale and Annual Christmas Parade

Saturday, December 15th, is an eventful day in Winslow! Check out what is going on in our little town this Saturday.

ANNUAL CHRISTMAS ON THE MOUNTAIN CRAFT SALE: From 9:00AM - 3:00PM folks can shop locally at the Annual Christmas on the Mountain Craft Sale located in the Winslow Community Center Cafeteria. Local artisans will be selling handmade and vintage items on December 15th.

FARMER'S MARKET, COFFEE AND MUSIC JAM: From 8:30AM - about noon, the Winslow Mercantile is open every Saturday for hot coffee, hot chocolate, tea and conversation with friends. Local farmers and artisans sell produce, baked goods, handmade and vintage items at our vibrant Winslow Farmer's Market. In the winter months, the Farmer's Market is smaller, but still continues inside the Mercantile. People also bring instruments and jam a bit outdoors or after 11:30 indoors.

WINSLOW HAS A NEW PLACE TO SHOP: "Walk Like a Bohemian," is open just up the sidewalk from the Winslow Mercantile on Saturdays. Jasmine sells a variety of vintage clothing, artisan made goods, home decor and health enhancing herbal products. A very cool place to shop.

LIBRARY: Our wonderful Winslow Library is open from 10:00AM - 5:00PM Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Books, movies, internet access.

OZARK FOLKWAYS is open from 10:00AM - 5:00PM on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. From Noon- 5:00 PM on Sunday. Have you seen Ozark Folkways lately? The place looks fantastic and the quality of the artisan market is quite noteworthy. It is an artisan's dream with a community studio for weaving and pottery. Workshops offered almost weekly. Monthly concerts and an open music jam the 4th Sunday of the month from 5-7PM.

GRANDMA'S KITCHEN Restaurant is open from 8:30AM - 2:30PM for breakfast and lunch on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Open for lunch on Sundays. People come from all around to eat Grandma's homestyle buffet and pies!

CHRISTMAS PARADE AND CHILI! This Saturday, December 15th: At 4:30PM Line up at the old Winslow school to be in the annual Winslow Christmas Parade. The parade will be coming downtown about 5:00PM. Chili and goodies will be served at 4:30PM in the Winslow Mercantile. We hope you can join the fun!

BRENTWOOD BLUEGRASS MUSIC: After the Christmas Parade and Chili, head out to Brentwood where you will find live bluegrass music and more food. 7:00PM - 10:00PM. $3 admission. Music on the stage in one room and lots of jamming in the other room.

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